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Exploring Alzburg Resort

Alzburg Resort is among the most visited resorts in Australia. Offering the best accommodation, service and activities this resort ensures the visitors makes unforgettable memories while in Alzburg. The success story of the resort dates back to the late 19th century. What the visitor’s witness as the unmatched resort was just a piece of two-acre land bought by the Irish settlers. These Mansfield settlers wanted to do something different for the religious sisters. The creation started with the meet up of the creative minds who for the first time met back in the mid-1891. To materialize the ideas they further decided to meet Archbishop Carr. While in the meeting they asked the Archbishop to get the assistance from the nuns who could help the children get a proper education. They wanted to transform the piece of land into a space that could bring many nuns to the location.

The owner of the Alzburg Resort belonged to a family that moved to this part of the world from Italy. At the time of immigration Pasquale, the owner was just three years old. At first, they settled in Deer Park. The first few years were not easy to handle. It was a tough time because the Aussies were not ready to accept the new residents. Hence, Pasquele went to all lengths to secure him in his school.

The professional life began in a storeroom located in Footscray and Meyers. Later he took up the apprenticeship in repairing the electronic devices. Although he was able to learn a great deal this was not his goal. Merely 15 dollars in a week seemed a very little amount. Hence after completing two decades of his life he joined hands with his brothers and started a bus company. This worked well for three years but then it was replaced by a transport company with the name Allaround Travel. It was solely run by Pat. The company successfully served for 15 years.

While running the bus service he found that how people loved to visit Mansfield in the snowy winters. This observation compelled him to purchase a convent that was previously shut down. After acquiring the first convent back in 1980 he started to develop this piece of land and in the next three years, he successfully launched motel units that were updated to 4-star resorts in the years to come. See here for mansfield resort accommodation.

Pasquale was a social man. He was a good mannered and friendly person who won the hearts of the people in the community and soon became popular. At the same time, he was equally inspired by the local community. He gave the title “God’s Country”, to this region.

Today this part of Australia is known for its extremely amazing sights and sounds. It has great accommodation in Mansfield to accommodate visitors. In winter skiing don the snowy slopes is a great activity. It calls upon the attention of visitors from all over the world. The journey that started with a small piece of land is a great place for recreation lovers today.